Nicholas PhilyawIFBB Men's Physique Professional


Birth Date: 01/31/1987

Birth Place: Jacksonville, FL

Height: 5’6″

Contest Weight: 170 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 180 lbs.

Occupation: Marketing Analyst

Daily Diet: 5 Meals a Day – Morning: Oatmeal and Eggs, Mid Morning: Almonds or Cashews and Hard Boiled Eggs, Afternoon: Chicken Breast or Salmon and Brown Rice, Late Afternoon: Almonds or Cashews and Hard Boiled Eggs, Evening: Chicken Breast or Salmon, Egg Whites, Salad

Supplement Stack: Vegan Plant Base Protein, CLA, Green Tea, B-12 and Vitamin C

Hobbies/Interests: Church, Fitness, Movies, Sports, Reading, Cooking

Awards Received: Overall Winner Men’s Physique Tampa Pro 2016, Class A Men’s Physique Winner NPC Nationals 2016 (Earned IFBB Pro Card)


Diet Meal: Baked Chicken, Brown Rice and Egg Whites

Cheat Meal: Pancakes, Sausage and Eggs

Training Split: Monday: Back, Abs, Cardio. Tuesday: Chest, Abs, Cardio. Wednesday: Legs, Arms, Abs. Thursday: Back, Abs, Cardio. Friday: Arms, Abs. Saturday: Back, Abs, Cardio. Sunday: Shoulders, Abs.

Body Part to Train: Back

Movie: Matrix, Coming to America

Quote: “Do What’s Right, Instead of What’s Popular.” – Nicholas Philyaw

Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts, Miami Heat, New York Yankees

Fun Facts: Although I’m 5’6″, I have a recorded 45 inch vertical jump when I was at a football camp at the University of Florida. I have entered many dunk contests and I actually won one when I wish in high school in Jacksonville.

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