Ashley Smith


Birth Date: 08/15/1987

Birth Place: New York

Height: 5′ 4″

Contest Weight: 115 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 125-130 lbs.

Occupation: Police Officer

Training Split: Legs X 3/week, Biceps, Triceps, Back, Chest X 1/week, Abs X 3/week, fasted cardio X 6/week BEFORE lifting.

Daily Diet:  Protein Shakes, Eggs, Fish, Asparagus, & Broccoli

Supplement Stack: Pre-Workout, BCAAs, Steel Core & Protein Powder

Hobbies/Interests: Working Out, Tough Mudder Type Races, Reading, Social Media Funny Videos

Awards Received: 1st show NPC (2nd in my class, 3rd overall – Nationally Qualified), 2nd show NPC (3rd in my class, 4th overall), 3rd Show (2nd in my class, 3rd overall – Nationally Qualified) 4th Show OCB (1st in my class, 1st in debut, 1st overall = Pro Card)


Diet Meal: Oatmeal with Peanut Butter

Cheat Meal: (Dinner)Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, sweet potato fries & diet coke. (Dessert) 1- peanut butter cookie, 1- chocolate chip cookie, 1- white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, 1-oatmeal raisin cookie washed down with a pumpkin spice coffee

Body Part to Train: Shoulders

Movie: Bad Boys II

Quote: My Personal Quote That I Made Up – “I’m Just A Small Town Girl In A Big Ole World. Trying To Make People Happier and Change Their Opinions Of Police Officers One Smile, One Laugh, and Hug At A Time.”

Sports Team: NY Giants, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins

Fun Facts:  I have only been on Social Media for 1.5 years and have grown it to what it is today. After I broke my ankle at work and couldn’t run long distance anymore I had to find a new workout routine…. body building is what I chose after a follower convinced me to do my first show this past fall 2017. Since being on social media it has completely changed my life. I am motivated and supported daily by complete strangers who push me to succeed and have led me to this amazing company right here SteelFit! I couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing opportunity and am so exited to be apart of this FAMILY!!

SteelFit Testimonials:

– Abs of Steel, Buns of Steel and Guns of Steel: I love the heat the product gives off, love that it actually penetrates the top layer of skin to attack those troubled areas where they need work, and getting that amazing pump!! I also really love actually FEELING and SEEING the products work!!!

– Waist Trimmer and Thigh Trimmers: Adjustable no matter your size the elastic and Velcro allows anyone to use these products. Best part is it locks in the heat and the sweat and makes you sweat even more!!!

– Steel Fuel BCAAs: Best tasting on the market

– Steel Pump Pre-Workout: Best tasting, great energy without the crash which is what I absolutely love!!!

– Steel Core: Great fat loss product without the jitters, did not bother my stomach what so ever like other products have.

– Hydra Steel: Love this during prep or even around my time of the month. Helps me shed off that extra water weight and brings out that vascularity like woah!!

– Clothing: SUPER comfortable, perfect fit, amazing quality

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