Claudia FijalNationally Qualified NPC Bikini Athlete


Age: 27

Birth Place: Krakow, Poland

Height: 5’6″

Contest Weight: 121 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 129 lbs.

Occupation: Professional Model, Business Owner

Training Split: Monday – Legs, Tuesday – Shoulders, Wednesday – Off, Thursday – Back, Friday-  Legs, Saturday – Arms

Daily Diet: A Combination of Chicken, White Rice, Cream of Rice, Fish, Veggies and Eggs

Supplement Stack: Multivitamin, Lysine, Carnitine, Phytoceramides, Biotin, Dim Plus, Glutamine, Leucine

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, Traveling, Makeup, Public Speaking, Life Coaching

Awards Received: Several NPC Bikini First Place Finishes, Model of the Year for Magazines Such as Kandy Magazine


Diet Meal: Steak and Sweet Potatoes

Cheat Meal: Cheeseburger and a Slice of Birthday Cake

Body Part to Train: Legs

Movie: Shawshank Redemeption

Quote: “The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was 20 Years Ago, The Second Best Time is Today.”

Sports Team: Knicks

Fun Facts: I speak Fluent Polish

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