Geobanny PaulaIFBB Men's Physique Professional


Birth Date: 8/1/1987

Birth Place: Miami, FL

Height: 5’10”

Contest Weight: 195 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 220 lbs.

Occupation: Promoter of the MIFE, Personal Trainer

Daily Diet: 4 Low Carb Days (200g carbs/50g fat/200g protein) and 1 High Carb Day (400g carbs/25g fat/150g protein)

Supplement Stack: Steel Core™, BCAA Pills, Iron, Omega 3, Vitamin C

Hobbies/Interests: Inspiring individuals to believe in themselves and to serve our Heavenly Father


Diet Meal: Filet Mignon, Japanese Sweet Potato and Avocado

Cheat Meal: BBQ Ribs with Fries and Sprite

Training Split: Monday – Chest, Tuesday – Back, Wednesday – Legs, Thursday – Shoulders, Friday – Arms, Saturday – Abs and Cardio, Sunday – Rest

Body Part to Train: Back

Movie: Forrest Gump

Quote: “For Nothing Is Impossible With God”- Luke 1:37

Sports Team: Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, University of Miami (Hurricanes) Football

Fun Facts: Miami’s first IFBB Men’s Physique Pro. Got knocked down 7 times at national shows and earned Pro status at the 8th attempt.

Product Testimonial: 

– My results using HYDRA STEEL are impressive! I use it the last 10 days before a competition and it helps me achieve more definition and the right condition needed to step on stage looking my best.

– I use ABS OF STEEL daily before my cardio or in the morning if not doing cardio. With consistent use and a good food regimen I’ve noticed the drastic change in my skins tightness. 

– STEEL CORE is a non stimulant fat burner I take daily even at night time to aid in fat transportation and metabolism health. My favorite part is that it helps decrease cortisol.

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