Rich TumaIFBB Men's Physique Professional


Birth Date: 04/26/1972

Birth Place: New Jersey

Height: 5’10”

Contest Weight: 180 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 190-200 lbs.

Occupation: CEO RTN, CPT/CMT

Daily Diet: 6 Small Meals, Post Workout Shake

Hobbies: Working Out, Football, Baseball, Spending Time With My Family

Awards Received: 2004 Mr. Fitness, 2013 NPC Atlantic States 1st Place, Overall Champion at Pittsburgh Masters Nationals in 2013 Earning IFBB Pro Card


Diet Meal: Fish

Cheat Meal: Pizza

Body Part to Train: Legs

Movie: Star Wars

Quote: “The Muscle Doesn’t Know How Much It’s Lifting, It Only Knows the Stress Being Put On.”

Sports Team: New York Yankees, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers

Fun Facts: I have over a 205 average in Bowling,  I use to wear parachute pants, I never hit less then 300 playing baseball, On the trained martial artist for over 30 yrs, I used to believe in Bigfoot and aliens

SteelFit Testimonial: ABS of STEEL is my pre-contest topical thermogenic lotion of choice to help tighten, tone and shred the abs!


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