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Benefits of Performance-Enhancing Supplements

One common goal that individuals living a fit and healthy lifestyle seek is to improve and get better. Be it lifting more weight, completing more reps, running faster, jumping higher, building more muscle, or losing body fat, we want to see some serious results from our time spent in the gym.

The foundation of getting results from your efforts lies in proper nutrition, hard training, and adequate sleep.

Once those things are in place, utilizing the right supplements can further amplify performance and recovery, thereby enhancing the rate and quality of your results!

Muscle-Building Workout Supplements

Muscle-building workout supplements are designed to help individuals lift more weights for more reps, accelerate recovery, enhance protein synthesis, reduce protein breakdown, and promote a healthy stress response. Collectively, these benefits promote greater muscle growth through a combination of direct and indirect effects.*

For instance, muscle growth is ultimately determined by the rate of muscle protein breakdown vs. muscle protein synthesis. Anything that enhances the rate of protein synthesis and/or reduces the rate of protein breakdown in the body supports muscle growth.*

This is why supplements such as protein powder and amino acids can aid the muscle-building and recovery process.

Sleep supplements could be considered an indirect muscle-building agent since greater sleep quality and duration promote better muscle recovery (which allows individuals to train at a higher level more frequently, thereby facilitating greater overload) and supports a more favorable hormone environment to optimize muscle growth.*

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are dietary supplements developed to help individuals during the weight loss process. The foundation of losing weight/fat is creating a calorie deficit through a combination of diet and exercise. Without those two facets in place, the utility and effectiveness of any weight loss supplement is severely compromised.*

With a proper diet and exercise program, specific supplements have been found to help individuals lose weight. This can occur through a variety of mechanisms, such as:

  • Reducing Cravings*
  • Decreasing Feelings of Hunger*
  • Increasing Motivation to Exercise*
  • Enhancing Metabolism*
  • Supporting The Body's Natural Fat-Burning Processes*
  • Boosting Energy Expenditure*
  • Lowering Stress*

Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Living

Supplements aren't just for individuals looking to build muscle or lose body fat; they're also for anyone looking to support their active lifestyle and enhance their nutrient intake. Getting in enough high-quality foods can be a real challenge for many individuals, especially with the constant on-the-go lifestyles we lead. This is where a high-quality greens and reds supplement can come in handy.*

Nutritional supplements for healthy living, such as collagen and omega-3 fatty acids, provide valuable components the body needs to sustain vital structures, including joints, ligaments, tendons, skin, and cell membranes.*

The first supplement many individuals ever take (a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral) also falls into the category of general wellness/healthy living as it provides the essential micronutrients the body needs to thrive the rigors of modern life.*