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  • I  don't go to the gym without my favorite lotion duo! I apply Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel to their designated areas and instantly feel them working. In 5-7 days, I noticed a tremendous difference in the tightness of my skin on my glutes, my hamstrings, and my obliques.

    Casey Samsel
    Casey Samsel IFBB Bikini Professional
  • Abs of Steel is phenomenal to say the least. I used it the weeks before I stepped on stage at Miami Nationals in 2015 and was quickly dubbed the nickname “DICED” because of how defined and conditioned I looked.

    EJ Nduka
    EJ Nduka IFBB Classic Physique Professional
  • SteelFit products have helped me through my toughest competitions including my first National Show. I compared the difference of tightening in my glutes and stomach from past years and the difference is huge.

    Yani Morgado
    Yani Morgado Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Athlete
  • Best topical pre-workouts on the market. SteelFit products have become a staple in my training regimen as they clearly increases vascularity and blood flow; allowing me to dominate my workouts even more.

    Logan Frazier
    Logan Frazier Online Trainer and Fitness Model
  • I Love Abs of Steel! I use it in the off season to help keep my midsection tight, and use it during contest prep too.

    Devoné Martin
    Devoné Martin IFBB Figure Professional
  • Abs of Steel is my pre-contest topical thermogenic lotion of choice to help tighten, tone and shred the abs!

    Rich Tuma
    Rich Tuma IFBB Men's Physique Professional
  • I used both Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel in my last competition prep and was amazed by the results I got in not only my abdominals, but especially in my legs and glutes. They really work and have become a staple part of my contest preparation.

    Valesca Macedo
    Valesca Macedo IFBB Figure Professional
  • I have been using Abs of Steel since my first Olympia and it has made a tremendous difference in my overall physique. My nutrition and training are second to none, but Abs of Steel has allowed me to bring a contending package each time I hit the stage.

    Jonny Bernstein
    Jonny Bernstein IFBB Men's Physique Professional
  • Yes, abs are made in the kitchen, but Abs of Steel is a great additional with a heat activated formula helping to give your abs that hard look!

    Brittany Reilly
    Brittany Reilly Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Athlete
  • Hands down the best fat loss cream in the world! I use Abs of Steel twice daily and the results speak for themselves.

    Nicholas Philyaw
    Nicholas Philyaw IFBB Men's Physique Professional
  • Abs of Steel is perfect for my cardio sessions to sweat more, burn fat, and get rid of excess water; especially after a cheat meal! I was very surprised by how effective it is and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody!

    Sammy Bornstein
    Sammy Bornstein Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Athlete
  • Winning Shows is a Game of Inches. Success is in the Details and the Small Things Done Well. Abs of Steel gives me an edge by allowing me to perfect my midsection and showcase more definition.

    Collin Robinson
    Collin Robinson Nationally Qualified NPC Physique Competitor
  • I love that you can feel SteelFit products working! Besides their amazing smell these products actually work!

    Donnice Christian
    Donnice Christian IFBB Fitness Professional
  • I have been using SteelFit products for over 8 months and fell in love the first time I tried them! I apply the cream before cardio and love the burning sensation, how much I sweat, and the fact that I feel like my fat is melting away.

    Anna Starodubtseva
    Anna Starodubtseva IFBB Bikini Professional
  • Abs of Steel is definitely my favorite topical fat burner. I see changes within the week and love the water loss and core tightening it provides. I love to use it from the beginning of my contest prep until show day.

    Chrisitian Gutierrez
    Chrisitian Gutierrez NPC Men's Physique Athlete

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