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Build Muscle

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Whether looking to pack on serious size or add lean muscle, these muscle gain supplements can help you achieve your preferred goal.*

What Are Muscle-Building Supplements?

Muscle-building supplements support an individual's quest to maximize their performance, recovery, and muscle gains.*

A common misconception is that muscle-building supplements actually "build muscle." However, no supplement will add lean muscle to your frame if you're not putting in the work in the gym and/or consuming enough total protein and calories to fuel muscle growth and recovery.*

Muscle-building supplements exist to help athletes train harder, recover faster, and hit their macronutrient targets, which ultimately leads to greater gains in muscle size and strength.*

Benefits of Muscle Gain Supplements

Muscle gain supplements can work through a variety of mechanisms, including:

Increasing athletic performance (e.g., helping you complete more reps and create more overload during your workouts, which supports hypertrophy)*

  • Boosting energy (ATP) production*
  • Delaying the onset of fatigue, thereby enabling you to complete total work during your training sessions*
  • Enhancing muscle recovery, which allows you to train more frequently, creating more overloading sessions, ultimately supporting muscle growth*
  • Aiding various muscle-building processes (e.g., certain supplements can stimulate mTOR -- the biological pathway that stimulates protein synthesis and muscle repair and recovery)*
  • Less muscle soreness*

Who Should Use Supplements for Muscle-Building?

It's commonly thought that muscle-building supplements are only beneficial for elite athletes, physique competitors, professional bodybuilders, and gym bros.

But the truth is that muscle-building supplements can be used by anyone (both males and females) seeking to enhance their muscle and strength gains as well as their recovery. Research shows that the amount of muscle mass an individual possesses is a key indicator of longevity.*

In other words, you don't have to be a top-tier athlete to benefit from or use muscle-building supplements. Furthermore, some commonly used "muscle building supplements" supplements, such as creatine monohydrate, offer cognitive function and cellular hydration, which support overall health.*