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Fat Burners

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What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are dietary supplements formulated to support weight loss, aid dietary adherence, and assist individuals in reaching their ideal body composition.*

They can include a wide variety of ingredients and work through many biological pathways, several of which we'll discuss below.*

What Are the Benefits of Fat Burners?

The goal of using a fat burner is pretty straightforward -- to help individuals achieve their desired body composition.*

Fat burners support these goals in several ways. Commonly used ingredients in fat burners may help:

  • Increase Energy*
  • Enhance Lipolysis*
  • Boost Fat Oxidation ("Fat-Burning")*
  • Reduce Cravings*
  • Suppress Appetite*
  • Increase Focus*

Achieving a toned, athletic physique also entails helping eliminate excess water retention, which can cover up otherwise impressive body composition.*

Who Should Use Fat Burning Supplements?

Fat burners are intended for experienced fitness enthusiasts who understand that nutrition and hard training are the cornerstones of weight loss and body recomposition.*

Fat burners can help increase energy and motivation to train, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. They may also help you have fewer cravings and eat less food during the day, which again supports a calorie deficit (which is needed to lose weight).*

However, no weight loss supplements will eliminate unwanted body fat if your diet and training aren't on point.*

This is why if you’re new to the fitness game and just getting started with proper nutrition and training, it’s recommended to focus on those first before embracing dietary supplements.*

Which Fat Burner Should I Choose?

SteelFit® is a leader in weight loss support.

As such, we have an extensive line of options to fit any individual’s needs.

Here's a brief overview of each weight loss support product to help you identify which one might be the right fit for your needs.*

  • Abs of Steel®: Fat burning cream applied to your midsection to accelerate the removal of abdominal adiposity (aka belly fat)*
  • Steel Slim®: Female-oriented fat burner created to increase thermogenesis, reduce body fat, suppress appetite, and curb cravings*
  • Steel Core®: Non-stimulant thermogenic designed to support fat loss from multiple avenues while also helping support a healthy mood*
  • Shredded Steel®: Extreme thermogenic weight loss support supplement formulated to help accelerate fat burning, boost metabolism, increase energy levels, enhance mental focus, and suppress appetite*
  • Steel Burn®: Non-stimulant liquid L-Carnitine supplement to support fat burning*
  • Steal Sweat®: Powdered thermogenic pre-workout supplement ideal for fasted cardio*