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What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are dietary supplements formulated with the singular goal of amplifying performance in the immediate future, be it training in the gym or on the field of competition. The motivation you need when you know it's time to train but can't muster the energy or motivation to get in the gym and get after it. But not all pre-workouts are created equal.

SteelFit® provides a versatile array of pre-workout supplements, including Steel Pump®, Steel Sweat®, and Guns of Steel® to support any of your training needs.

Be it fasted AM cardio, a brutal squat session, HIIT training, or a weekend arm day — SteelFit® pre-workouts are there to help you push to new heights of athletic excellence.

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements?

The goal of a pre-workout couldn't be simpler -- to enhance athletic performance in a training session or competition.

Pre-workouts can do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increasing mental energy and focus
  • Enhancing blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Reducing the perceived onset of fatigue
  • Improving energy production
  • Boosting stamina

What Makes an Effective Pre-Workout Supplement?

The best pre-workouts, such as Steel Pump®, address the four pillars of pre-workout perfection — energy, focus, performance, and pumps. By supplying effective ingredients at efficacious dosages, pre-workouts can help boost performance from the otherwise mundane to a record-breaking one.*

Most pre-workouts deliver on the energy component, but it's rare to find a product that supplies ingredients to support the rapid energy infusion and transform a glorified caffeine powder into something truly performance-enhancing.

Energizing Ingredients

Key ingredients to look for in pre-workouts (aside from caffeine) include focus-enhancing agents, such as Alpha GPC, as well as prominent blood flow support ingredients ("nitric oxide boosters") like L-Citrulline and grape seed extract.

Greater blood flow helps support energy production and nutrient delivery as well as metabolite clearance which ultimately helps boost performance and pumps while delaying the onset of fatigue!*

Which Pre-Workout Should I Choose?

There is a litany of pre-workout supplements from which to choose, making it that much harder to decide which one is right for your goals.

Resistance Training

We recommend going with Steel Pump® for resistance training, which has been methodically formulated using ingredients shown to benefit athletic performance when lifting weights.

For added muscle pumps and blood flow support, you can also check out our topical pre-workout supplement, Guns of Steel®.

Guns of Steel® contains a mix of nitric oxide support agents to turbocharge your performance, improve blood flow and nutrient delivery, and deliver powerful muscle pumps.

Cardio / Fat Burning

For individuals looking for an ideal pre-workout supplement to help burn fat and support their cardio / HIIT workouts, we recommend Steel Sweat®.

Steel Sweat® is a great-tasting, thermogenic pre-workout supplement designed to boost endurance, increase calorie burning, delay the onset of fatigue, and enhance fat burning.

Who Should Use Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-Workouts supplements are for experienced fitness enthusiasts who understand what hard training is and are looking to take their performance to the next level. They can be a saving grace on those occasions when you're sleep-deprived or needing an extra boost to get after it in the gym.

Pre-workout supplements are not a crutch, nor will they make you shatter PRs if you lack dedication, determination, and grit.

They can help you perform better, but you still have to be willing to work!