2024 SteelFit $5,000 Transformation Challenge

We want you to experience the thrill of looking in the mirror… and being AMAZED at what you see.

Earn jaw-dropping results… share your journey… and win cash and SteelFit products!**

Registration has closed! Thank you to everyone that signed up.

It’s time to dial it in. That means working hard. Eating right. Getting consistent about using your supplements and topicals… and winning cash and SteelFit products!

Why Should You Join the Transformation Challenge?  

Shot of young woman in sportswear bending with her hands on knees at the gym. Fitness woman looking tired after intense crossfit workout.


Having a firm deadline to work toward can help you “clean it up” and improve your workouts, nutrition, and healthy habits.

Fitness men and women doing push-ups with motivation from their female trainer outdoors in the city.


Other members of the SteelFit community will share their goals, struggles, triumphs, and healthy tips along the way.

Group of people having fun during workout session outdoors. Friends hanging to a wall and stretching after running session.


Winter is often when “life happens” and fitness takes a back seat. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life and energy into your routine!

This Transformation Challenge is for Everyone

Lots of so-called “transformation challenges” are just about losing weight. Not ours!

ALL types of transformations are welcome to participate in the 2024 SteelFit $5k Transformation Challenge: weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, or simply being the best version of yourself.

Just do your best and share your story with the #wearesteelfit hashtag!

Contest Details

Sign Up: Wednesday, March 6 - Monday, March 18, 2024

Challenge: Tuesday, March 19 - Tuesday, April 30, 2024 (6 weeks)

Final Photo Submission: Tuesday, April 30 – Saturday, May 4 2024

Winners Announced: Tuesday May 14, 2024

Transformation Challenge Prizes

🥇 1st Place: $1500 Cash + $250 Credit

🥈 2nd Place: $750 Cash + $250 Credit

🥉 3rd Place: $500 Cash + $250 Credit

🏆 Best Content During Challenge: $250 Cash + $250 Product Credit

🏆 Most Motivating: $250 Product Credit

🏆 Most Dedicated: $250 Product Credit

🏆 Best Couple: $250 Product Credit

🏆 Most #SteelFit: $250 Product Credit


We Want Real People Earning Real Results

Be a positive example for the fitness industry. Be someone else’s motivation.

Surprise Yourself, Change Yourself, and Never Underestimate Yourself!