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Resistance Band

Activates Glute, Hip and Thigh Muscles*

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Activate Your Muscles and Feel the Burn!*

SteelFit® Resistance Band for glutes, thighs, and hip is ideal for any fitness enthusiast to add the perfect level of resistance to your workouts.

Activate the muscles in your glutes, thighs, and hip through resistance training using a resistance band engineered with a comfortable soft touch, durable fabric that won’t snap or roll up during exercise, and is gentle on your skin.

Features and Benefits

✓ Activates Muscles
 Tension Fit
 Soft Touch Fabric
 Durable Reinforced Seams
 3″ Elastic Construction
 Workout Anywhere

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What It Does

SteelFit® Resistance Band for glutes, thighs, and hip adds the perfect level of resistance to help increase your workouts. Ideal for any fitness enthusiasts as well as easily portable for working out anywhere you go. Engineered with soft-touch fabric and durable reinforced seam that is gentle on skin, won’t snap or roll up during exercises and is easy to wash.

How to Wash

Hand wash with soap and warm water. Allow to air dry.

DO NOT wash SteelFit® Resistance Band in your washing machine as it may stretch or damage the fabric.

DO NOT machine dry Resistance Band, as it may melt the fabric and weaken the neoprene.


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Some individuals may be sensitive to Latex or Rubber Latex. If a rash develops discontinue use. Before starting any workout routine, please consult a physician. Monitor your body when exercising. Always stay hydrated and avoid exercising in extreme heat.


Keep bag out of reach of children and pets as it may be a choking hazard.