Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Fit Moms

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The adage holds that "mother knows best.”

And, by and large, this holds.

Mothers care for and nurture their children from conception on forward.

We reserve one day each year to honor mothers around the world with Mother's Day, though if we're honest, mothers (and fathers) should be celebrated every day.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here’s a list of options to reward mom for working so hard with the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas to stay fit & healthy.

Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Fit Moms

Resistance Bands

More of us are exercising at home than ever before, and while you might not have access to all of your usual bars, weights, cables, and machines, you can still get in a great workout at home.

One of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ideal for home use is resistance bands.

The SteelFit® Resistance Band is designed to help increase activation of the glutes, hips, and thighs. It offers the perfect level of resistance to increase the challenge of your bodyweight leg workouts.

And, unlike other booty bands or hip circles that irritate the skin or feel overly constrictive, the SteelFit® resistance is engineered with a comfortable soft touch, durable fabric that won't snap or roll up during exercise.

Together this makes the SteelFit ®resistance band an ideal gift for any fitness enthusiast, especially the fit moms out there.

Loop Bands

To further augment your home training options (without emptying your wallet or taking up an entire room in your house) are our mini-loop bands.

These lightweight resistance bands help you push your training to the next level by offering five different levels of resistance, ranging from X-Light to X-Heavy.

If you need even more resistance during training, you can combine two or more bands.

And, to help keep your bands organized and tidy, each set of bands comes with a travel-sized polyester bag with a space to write your name.

Hair, Skin, and Nail Supplement for Mom

While it might seem odd that you’re giving your mom a “beauty” supplement, the truth is that, regardless of age or relation, we all care about the health, appearance, and vitality of our skin.

Steel Beauty® is a physician-formulated women's multivitamin and mineral complex created to boost collagen synthesis, improve skin hydration, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen hair, reduce oxidative stress, and support cellular and tissue health.

Steel Beauty® also provides a range of essential vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Biotin, which serve as powerful antioxidants and support eye, hair, skin, and nail health.

Collectively, this makes Steel Beauty® a premium hair, skin, and nail supplement for mom.

Female Metabolic Health Support

Steel Slim™ is a comprehensive thermogenic supplement formulated to support female metabolic health.

Every serving of Steel Slim™ delivers eleven research-backed ingredients to enhance calorie burning, reduce appetite, boost mood, and decrease body fat.

Steel Slim™ also includes nutrients, such as dandelion extract and CactOLean®, that help reduce water retention.

Total Body Toning Lotion for Mom

Father time remains unchallenged and defeated.

Time gets the best of all of us, even those of us who live active, healthy lifestyles.

As we age, we get a bit slower, wrinkly, and (sometimes) a bit crankier.

Steel Fit + Tone™ is an advanced daily moisturizing lotion designed to improve skin appearance, vitality, and firmness using natural vitamins, herbs, and botanicals for healthier, more radiant-looking skin.

One of the truly noteworthy inclusions in Steel Fit + Tone™ is 3% Unislim® -- a patented slimming and body contouring ingredient combining Coffea arabica and Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) that helps reduce localized excess fat and decrease lipid (fat) entry into fat cells.

Cellulite Reducing Cream for Mom

It’s well known that women are more prone to storing fat in their lower body (hips, glutes, thighs, etc.) and developing cellulite.

To reduce cellulite, you can exercise regularly, drink enough fluids, and get a massage (which increases lymphatic drainage).

You can also try a toning lotion, such as Buns of Steel®, which was specially formulated to combat cellulite and improve skin appearance.

The main ingredient in Buns of Steel® is Intenslim®, which was shown to decrease fat thickness significantly!

Intenslim® has also been noted to help skin tissues regenerate and eliminate damaged proteins, and dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.

Ab-Defining Cream for Mom

Who doesn’t love the idea of tone, ripped midsection?!

We all do, including the fit moms out there.

Now, we all know that diet and exercise are the pillars of obtaining a slim, sleek waistline, so make no mistake -- no amount of supplements will give you a toned stomach if you're slacking on training and nutrition.

But, supplements may help accelerate your results and make your midsection “pop” that much more.

Abs of Steel® is an advanced heat-activated cream designed to help give the appearance of a razor-sharp, rock hard core.

The defining feature of Abs of Steel ®is an ingredient known as CoAxel®, which is a combination of L-Carnitine, Caffeine, and Coenzyme A that work to help reduce fat fast.

Research indicates that individuals who applied 5% CoAxel (the same concentration in Abs of Steel) twice daily for 28 days released 50% more subcutaneous and decreased hypodermis thickness by 8.2%.

Sore Muscle Relief

Consistent, hard training can leave us all feeling run down, sore, and slow.

To boost recovery and relieve sore muscles, you’ve probably tried increasing protein intake, supplementing with BCAAs, stretching, and/or taking Epsom salt baths.

What you might not have tried is a topical pain-relieving liquid, like Steel Releaf™.

Steel Releaf’s revolutionary, cool action liquid formula combines natural Ayurvedic ingredients, hemp-derived isolate, and lidocaine in an easy to use roll-on application that helps to relieve pain and soreness instantly.

Overall Health & Immune Support

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle starts with eating a micronutrient-rich diet packed with fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats as well as getting regular physical activity.

Despite our best intentions, we all have those occasions when life gets in the way, and we're not able to stick to our diet and exercise plan 100%.

That’s when nutrition support supplements such as multivitamins and greens powders come in handy.

These products provide our body with added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants our bodies use to function optimally and ward off infection.

Steel Multi-V™ is a delicious-tasting multivitamin/multimineral complex created to support the body’s antioxidant systems, boost metabolism, improve skin health, and promote cognitive function. Each serving of Multi-V supplies of 30 nutrients to help support the increased nutrient demands of physically active individuals, particularly fit moms.

Steel Greens™ is a nutrient-dense, superfood greens and reds complex formulated to support the body's antioxidant system, digestive function, and immune health while providing natural, feel-good energy. It mixes easily, contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and (unlike the vast majority of all other greens formulas) tastes delicious!


Moms deserve to be thanked, celebrated, and cherished.

Sure, some moms might want the latest designer handbag or treated to a nice meal.

But others might prefer to get some products that support their healthy lifestyle, be it in the form of supplements, a new gym bag, or stretchy yoga pants with pockets.

If you’re struggling with what to get mom this Mother’s Day, consider some of the options on this list and make sure to tell Mom how much she means to you!

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